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The GoldKey Secure Communicator – In ReviewGK Communicator (2)

At first sight GoldKey’s Secure Communicator catches the eye with its slim design and shiny Gold Color.  It fits the wrist nicely and easy to use with Android already installed on it.  The Communicator has a built in SIM card slot, making it so that you can use it as a standalone cellphone, instead of needing to connect it to another Smartphone.  I usually make calls with my bluetooth headset, but you can also use the speakerphone and mic on the watch.

The Communicator has a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor and 512MB of Ram, making it snappy and easy to run apps on.  It also has a 5MP camera on the front, one more feature that makes it like an Android smartphone, but in the size of a watch.

One of the big features of the GoldKey Communicator is the ability to use GoldKey’s premium services right on the watch.  The GoldKey services include Encrypted Cloud Storage, a Secure Telephone Line,  and Secure Email.

The GoldKey Communicator just recently released at CES, has been all over the news in the last month;  due to its many functions as an Android Smartphone Watch, and with its built-in GoldKey Features.

GK Communicator Wrist

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